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So often we rest our worth, success, and validation on everything outside of ourselves. Unconditional self-worth comes from unconditional love which need to come first from self. The love we have for ourselves tough he reflection of Gods heart, is mirrored in all other areas of our life.


LYF stands for Loving Yourself First. Never can we provide an abundance of what we lack so much of internally. This guided journal is a way to show up, learn, accept, and hold a space to love you without conditions. To bare your vulnerability to yourself and God through stillness.


In this year you will learn how and where to bring love into every experience by writing, reflecting, and assessing the area where you feel love lacks. This LYF journey is a lifelong process, and this journal is your steppingstone forward. If allowed, this book will be the loving reflection of the effort you put in it. LYF matters because God said so….so should you.

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