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About Us

Wherever we look, we see the effects of polarization and separation, in both our inner and outer worlds. We long for real connection: to live at a deeper and more meaningful level and to connect more authentically with ourselves and others, but depression, anxiety, addiction, dissatisfaction, and loneliness are at epidemic levels. We feel more alienated and emotionally detached from other people than we ever have before. As we begin to reemerge, our relationships and connections may take on new forms as we are being called to navigate these changes. This can be confronting if we are still stuck in old patterns, habits or quite literally our same environment. Loving Yourself First is a global community to support everyone in life. Our community is not only a supportive network of real people but an everlasting journey that requires consistent growth and support. If you are on a path of discovery then this platform is definitely for you.


The LYF Matters Project is for those who are ready to make real changes in their relationships with themselves and others. We will deep dive into the patterns and behaviors keeping you from your most authentic & valuable connections. With tips and tools such as breathing exercises, affirmational meditations, journaling and mindfulness, you will be guided to a gentle awareness of who you are fully. This community & platform will help with conditioned programming of unworthiness, by understanding the backstory of who you are. By teaching new behavioral habits through EQ, NLP & self-love, you'll learn to overcome damaging self-doubt. These are the gentle steps needed to gain clarity on what you really want in your life, so that you can align yourself for the love & life you really want.



What to Expect

  • Expert advice from professionals and real people sharing knowledge and personal experiences to empower and evolve us all.

  • Please respect each others personal journey as we all grow at different paces.

  • This is a non-judgmental, safe space for everyone to enjoy.

  • We exercise kindness, cognitive empathy and compassion.

  • Make peace with your past by healing your inner child.

  • Release unconscious self-sabotaging patterns from negative experiences.

  • Mental & Emotional healing through forgiveness.

  • Improved relationships with self & others.

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness through healthy communication.

  • Learn how to create heart brain coherence to develop emotional regulation. 

  • Distress Tolerance using unique emotional intelligence tools & Cognitive coping skills.

  • NLP tips to help improve self-awareness, mindfulness confidence, communication skills, and social actions

We welcome & love you all. Thank you for supporting.

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