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Spring Clean

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Spring has sprung, and unfortunately, so has a worldwide pandemic. This new season has unfortunately met us with a fast spreading virus known as COVID-19, or the Coronavirus. As this virus is highly contagious, it has given new life to the term spring cleaning, as many people have been cleaning their spaces (and hands) more than normal to keep themselves from getting ill. The spread of this virus has been so drastic that the entire country has been instructed to quarantine and practice social distancing, in a desperate effort to stop the spread of the virus.

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Being forced to stay indoors, many people have taken this time to get creative and productive. I’ve thought ways to be creatively productive by coming up with a few ways to clean up areas of daily life.

Clean Your Social Media

If you spend a lot of time on social media, take a look at the accounts you are following and engaging. Do the accounts you follow inspire you? Uplift you? If not, it may be time to unfollow. Do you follow accounts that produce negative content? How do you feel when you view the content posted on your feed? Anyone who posts content that invokes negativity in any way, whether it be anger, envy, or malice, hit the unfollow button (there’s always mute if you don’t want to unfollow people you know personally 😊)

Clean Out Your Phone

If you’re the type to hold on to old text messages, and you have messages saved from back in the day that don't have any bearing on your life presently (you know, the messages you may revisit when you’re a little in your feelings, or the ones you hold onto "just in case"), these are messages you should delete. Contacts that no longer have a place in your life, instead of changing their name to “Do Not Answer” or anything of the sort, delete the contact. Delete old emails, as well as apps that diminish productivity. I understand pictures are hard; delete images that evoke negative feelings. Free up all the space in your device that you possibly can to make room for the new experiences and opportunities coming your way.

Clean Your Diet

With the nationwide quarantine, and many restaurants and food businesses closing or limiting service, many people are preparing more home-cooked meals. I understand that during this time of uncertainty, a lot of people are purchasing non-perishable foods, which happen to be a lot of processed foods. Consider putting the processed foods aside for emergencies only, while attempting to make healthier and cleaner food selections. While you have more time to kill indoors, check out clean eating recipes and tips.

What are some ways you can clean up your life?

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